R.D.A. for W-I-B

We all know that R.D.A. stands for “Recommended Daily Allowance” and that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) gives us guidelines as to what and how much of this or that we should be taking or eating in order to maintain health.  I was recently reading one of my favorite MD’s books about health and nutrition and I ran across his definition of R.D.A. which startled me, because his explanation is one that I had never thought of.

Dr. Hyman, MD defined R.D.A. is representational for the needs of your body for “today” and for “this need” only.  This is not the amount that you will need in order to have “optimal” health for a lifetime.  The study of “Neutrogenomics” is the study of the nutrients that your genes need in order to be healthy.

This started me thinking that, if this is true for our genetic DNA then it is true for our minds, our psyche,  and our souls.  Now when we take this to the next level what happens?

We are all trying to improve some area of our lives, this is a given.  Even if we are at a 10, we are trying to stretch the 10 for more than a short period of time.  We want the 10 to last all day long, all week long, all year long and so on.  So how do we do that?  It goes back to Dr. Hyman’s explanation.  We are doing the thing to get to the 10 but, that is only for that short time frame.  In order to maintain and have sustaining 10 we must do something more. 

In other words, we must look at the bigger picture and the long range view of what we want to sustain at that level 10.

Think about something that you yourself are working on.  What did you do today to get to the 10?  And tomorrow?  And next week?