Quick Wins

Nothing succeeds like a win under your belt!  Am I right?!  Each and everyone of us puffs out our chests, bring our shoulders back and stand straighter when we are winning.  Nothing feels better inside than when we are winning!  Last time we talked about making a small change or a small step forward.  Here’s the interesting thing about making a change.  When we make a change in one area of our lives it affects all areas of our life.  Let me explain:  If you make a positive habit change in your personal life and you stick to it for 21 days, you will see the benefit of that change also in your professional life.  The reverse is also true.  Let’s say, you resolve to leave the office every night with a clean work surface.  Everything is filed away and papers and other utensils are put away in their storage place.  Most likely you will start to do the same thing at home.  In the kitchen the counters will be cleared off and wiped down.  Your home desk will suddenly begin to see daylight again too. 

These are what I call quick wins.  When a person starts to develope quick wins on a weekly basis, they soon become a wonderful habit that becomes a part of the fabric of our lives.

Try it, this week, let me know what happens.  Quick wins for every member of your family and your team at the office is a sure way to boost morale and everybody’s spirit in general.