Quenching the Unquenchable

This past weekend was a beautiful fall weekend with a blue sky and a warm fall afternoon.  I decided to actually do no work and to just enjoy the beauty that surrounds me here deep in the colorful woods of NJ.  As I was sitting in my gazebo contemplating life and fall and drinking in the last warm days of 2011, I began to think about all of those who are dissatisfied with something in their lives.  I bean to ponder the continuous in fighting over political parties and who has the right answer, the protesters who are again present on the pages of history as they have been so many time before, those folks roaming aimlessly in the mall trying to find something to buy, the families in turmoil around money and power within the family.  It made me very sad.

Then it dawned on me.  All of these people are chasing after something that can never be filled.  No matter the outcome of the political solution, some folks will not be happy.  The yelling will dull to a smoldering smoky grumbling, but the unrest will still be present.  Those who are protesting will wake up and realize they can’t live in a park for years on end and slowly disappear back to the life they had before.  Those malls will fill up every weekend with people searching for something to fill the void and they will never be full.  Those families will always be struggling because they have no common ground to agree upon and life will be miserable until they make a bigger decision.

We are trying to quench a fiery thirst that cannot be easily quenched.

Let me ask you, what is it that you are continuously searching for each day?

When you strip all of your own pretense away and the story that you tell yourself about what you think you need and want, what is actually left?  It is actually something much deeper.  Deep inside of you that you can’t put your finger on.  It is a longing for something that perhaps you have never felt before or that you may have felt long ago and it is only a distant whisper.

Look around you right now.  What is that?   Are you not surrounded by more shoes than you can wear on any given day?  Are you not standing with the refrigerator door open looking for something to eat and there is no blank shelf space?  Are you not totally connected on every social networking site out there and texting so that you have callouses and yet you are still lonely?

What is missing?

Where does on go to find “IT”?

Who has found “IT”?

Tell me if you have the answer.