Put Others First – “Doing Something To Make A Difference”


We all know these two types of people; those who are “takers” and those who are “givers”, which one are you?  Perhaps you enjoy letting others do things for you or maybe you believe you are entitled to certain things, but does this behavior lift up, encourage, or move another forward? 

Maybe you are in the other camp, one of those whose life is consumed by helping, volunteering, and donating to the causes and people that touch your heart. You have made a choice to give back.

Is one more correct or more humanitarian than the other?  Well, only you can truly answer that question, and today we will talk about why it is so important to do something, even if it is small, in order to make a difference.

be-the-chnageA shift has to happen inside you in order to do something to make a difference and that shift is moving from “success” to “significance”.  I am reminded of a quote from publisher Malcolm Forbes who said this: 

“People who matter most are aware that everyone else does, too.”

If you think about it self-centeredness is the root of every problem, personally, socially and globally.  Think about your own life for a moment, where do you see your own self-centerness. 

Perhaps this goes without saying in your own life, but self-centeredness and fulfillment cannot coexist peacefully in our lives.  They are “incompatible” when you think about it. Are you tuned into the WIIFM channel [what’s in it for me], or perhaps you are tuned into FOMO [fear of missing out], are you tuned into WCIDFO [What can I do for others]?  These are all real living channels and each day we decide where we will be tuned in.

If you are a successful person, then you are at a crossroad.  You now have options in your life and you may choose to give back and help others with what you know and what you have accumulated.


Here’s a tried and true principle that has weathered the test of time:

When you change your thinking from “What am I going to receive?” to “What am I going to give?” your entire life begins to turn around.





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Next month we will discuss:

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