Pulled In Too Many Directions

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Last month, I must admit, I was sorely disappointed by some things in my professional and personal life. Maybe you can relate, let’s see.

I was recruited to join two programs where my expertise and experience were sorely needed. I gladly said yes. I would be happy to help put the programs together and to be a part of the programs. After many hours of meetings, compilation of resource materials, and brain storing, the other parties simply could not get things together to move forward in a timely manner—such a disappointment. I was very clear about my ability to volunteer, to be a part of, and to serve where possible. 

Here’s what I heard over and over again from several different people: “I’m busy,” “No, I can’t do XYZ that soon,” “I feel rushed,” “Let’s do this meet and greet via text,” not even time for a phone call or a zoom! So what is the point? I am thinking. 

Listen, if we are to live in community with the body of Christ, we have to be in proximity and be face to face. – Don’t we? I can’t get to know you, your heart, and be a friend if I don’t see you, hear you, and be in your presence. 

Then, I stopped and thought about it for a couple of minutes. God opens doors, sometimes briefly, and then he closes them. I may not understand his reasoning, but I do accept His decision. I suddenly found myself with a dull headache rising up the back of my head. I stopped and asked God for relief. The impression I got was this:  go into your office and tackle this subject as your October Blog. I obeyed.

So, what do you think is the real issue here with this disappointment on a weekend afternoon?

This reminds me of the individual who is double-minded. They think and say one thing and do something else. These same individuals have no “white space” or “margin” in their lives. In the case of these people I am talking about, their bus-i-ness was “their choice,” and we all know choices have consequences. 

Do you realize that being driven to “distraction” is not God’s will for your life?

I don’t know about you, but I do not have the bandwidth to do 3 – 4 Bible Studies each week, plus working, plus juggle appointments, plus be a wife and grandmother, and go to meetings, a personal life, and health appointments. With a schedule like this, who has time to enjoy life in any form or fashion?

I learned a very long time ago about white space and planned margin in my life. I am a distressed, unhappy person. We all must leave time for spontaneity, fun, vacations, and celebrations. What about going to a pumpkin patch, apple picking, wrapped up in polar fleece around a firepit, looking at the stars? Not to mention quiet time and moments to reflect on our lives and how we are using our lives with a cup of spiced apple cider. 

My friend, your life and time are moving right along, and you have no concept of what is fleeting away. 

Are you content?

My guess is you are in such a blur state of living; you are not content.

It’s time to do something about that.

You will remember each of us must give an accounting of what we did and how we lived our lives before the great white throne.

I am keen on keeping my Vertical Relationship in tack every day. Do you know what that means? I must keep my relationship with God first, period. Then my relationship with my spouse, the chidren, then extended family, career/work, church & then everything else! How are you doing?

If you find yourself in a vortex of a calendar where you have no breathing  space, we need to talk!

Feel free to reach out for help!