Professional Growth: What Do You Beleive?

Last time we talked about Personal Growth and today I’d like to talk about the second of the the three growth areas:   “Professional Growth”.   Now I am sure that when I write the words, you know exactly what I am talking about.   I would like to take you further into this conversation and really challenge you to think about this one.

As a professional coach, I have clients who are looking for a new job, those who have lost their jobs and those who are just feeling unfulfilled and empty in a dead end job where they feel stuck.   I have a series of questions and thought provoking conversations around what these clients really want out of a job and to get out of their heads and really to plan and think about where they want to be, what they want to do and most important how they are going to get there.   To my amazement over and over the thought that they might need new skills, new or different knowledge or that they might just need a whole new base from which to grow is not on their radar.

In today’s tough economic environment the best investment you can make is in the re-education and expansion of yourself through “Professional Growth”.  Yes, there is so much unemployment, but there are also millions of jobs that are going unfilled, for this very reason.   The skill set of the workforce does not match the skill set that the work place needs.  This gap can only be closed through retraining and re-education of the work force and this come through Personal Growth.

It probably has not gone unnoticed by you, but whatever your field is has advanced tremendously since you spent your first day on the job.  Technology even in the “trades” has forced tradesmen and women to become more current with technology and the use of their essential equipment on the job.   This is a form of “Professional Growth”.   Nurses and technicians in many fields are routinely sent to training to update their skills and knowledge in order to meet the growing demands of their jobs.  This training says nothing about your mental capacity or your knowledge.  When there is something new we learn and adapt and it is no different in your professional life.

I am reminded about my first iPad2;  the Apple sales person told me to:  “just play with it” and you will get the hang of it.   To me the whole piece of technology was foreign and it was like trying to scale Mt. Everest without training.   With lots of help and time, I got the hang of it.

So, what do you believe when it comes to the topic of “Professional Growth”?

Where did you get that belief from?

Is this belief moving you forward or holding you back in your professional life?

Where do you want and need to grow your knowledge and skills in the “Professional Growth” area?

Who would you ask today about that?

When will you sign up?

What will happen in your professional life once you complete this area of growth?