Professional Growth and Your Physical Cornerstone

Just about everyone who is the professional world has attended a workshop, seminar, conference or event where “professional growth” was suppose to happen.  When was the last time you attended one of these events.? 

In this current time of transition it is vital that we each keep our skill set sharp and up to date.  If you are a person who is out of a job, then getting your resume writing skills sharpened is a real key for you and that my friend is professional growth.  What do you also know how to do which is a marketable skill that you could do on a per job basis?

What I find sad is that all the money which is wasted in the name of professional development and how few really use it to move dramatically forward in their career and in their own inventory of skills. 

When we apply these seemingly mundane task and skills and organizing ideas to businesses who have never been exposed to them you have a great match and a business and a sale which brings in needed income. 

If you are fortunate enough to be sent to a professional development growth event; take in every moment of the information that is being presented and don’t blow off the day as a time to vacation. 

Someone believes that you are worth the investment so prove them right!

If you are unemployed and find that your skills set does not match what is needed out there in the market place then you need to bring your skills up in line with those who are applying to the same jobs you are. 

You need only to go to your local library and tear yourself away from your computer screen.  Of course you can teach what you know.  You can gather others around you that are in the same place as you are and have a mastermind group and all learn from each other. 

Support is key here.  Personally, I believe that we never stop learning.  If we stop then we are saying that I know all I need to know and I will coast.  None of us can know it all and growing our knowledge base is another way to stave off dementia, and boredom.  Do something today for your professional growth and to keep those  brain cells firing. 

If you are employed, may I suggest that you actually plan your professional development, just as you plan your yearly or quarterly calendar.  If you are weak in one area that is the first one to get development in.  If you are looking to become a “master” in a certain area, then; teach. 

What is your next professional growth move?