Process and The Journey

Well we’ve all heard the saying it’s not the destination it’s about the journey.  What if the journey is so painful we just want to throw the whole day, week, and year into a deep dark closet never to see the light of day again.  It is easy to see how that one day becomes weeks and years and sometimes decades.  The closet is so full it is about to explode.

Your journey is not a journey at all, it is actually the “process” of finding out who you are at your deepest level.  When we are dissatisfied we our thoughts, our decision, our behavior, our attitude our actions, we want to hide them away and pretend that we really aren’t that way at all, when in reality, that is exactly who we are. 

The idea of putting the key in that door of that closet and opening it up actually terrifies us.  It is the best thing you can do for yourself, those you love, those you live and work with and for the rest of your life.

This January you will be able to begin a journey with me.  A journey of raising your awareness.  A journey of learning how to growth in many of the areas in your life right now that are behind a locked door.  And, a journey of freedom and what that feels like in your life.

I do not think I need to tell you this, but you did not get where you are today just since yesterday.  It has been a slow, long process which involved every decision that you have ever made.  And that is how you got where you are today.  I know sometimes you may have not made a couple of decisions willingly, but you did have the option to “rebel”  and say “no”.  Of course like your compliant “yes…or silence….” you must and will live with the consequences.  We all live with the consequences of our “yeses” and the consequences of all of our “nos.”

What would it be worth to you if you could unlock that door and clean out that room which is full of unmet expectations, consequences that have hung around your neck like a 25 pound sand bag, shedding the bright light of day into the dark corners where false hope, indecision’s, incorrect information, and down right misinformation have grown cobwebs? 

 This all takes a process of becoming “Aware” of what is in there, and what we believe about “the stuff” which is ruling our lives.  Once we do that, we will bring it out in the light of the new year and look at it objectively and make some key decisions about what we really believe and really want.  Once we uncover all of this; then it will be your turn to be free of it.  This is 100% up to you.  This is the moment that you can be set free to fly out and literally rip the door off of that dark place never to put anything in there again, because you have your own process that you can rely on every time you need to make a decision. 

Every step, every day begins with a decision, and ends with a decision.  Those decisions are all in your hands.  Look down at your hands.  You have all the power in your life right there.

This is an open invitation to you to come along with me and begin the journey to Discovering Who You Are at your deepest level.