Preparation for Growth In Business & Personal Life

When we speak of growth in the business world what comes to mind?  Perhaps you immediately think of being raised to a lofty position of power.  What about in your personal life?  When we speak of personal growth, what comes to mind?  Perhaps you are dreaming of the day when you can _____________________(you fill in the blank.)

Each of these two areas of life go hand in hand in the preparation for growth.  When we grow in one area, we automatically grow in another.  There are 7 factors which come into play in the growth path of life.

Over the next two weeks we are going to explore each of these 7 factors in a time released fashion.  Take a moment each day and see where each of the 7 factors plays a part in the two main areas of your life:  Professional Life and in your Private Life.

Here we go:

The first is “TIME”.  Growth happens over time.  It does not happen overnight.  I you receive a promotion over night, it really didn’t happen during the time you were sleeping, but rather it occured over months and years of experience and leadership be example to a greater vision.  In our personal lives we do not suddenly have a savings account which suddenly has exactly the amount of a downpayment for a new home plus the cash invested someplace safe in order to pay the property taxes for a year.  No.  Rather this is a planned growth path to a bigger vision of owning a home and having the funds to pay to live there.