Preparation and Your 2012

Spending time in reflection before one starts a new year is very important.  When was the last time you did this?

What was the circumstance of that reflection?  I have been listening to a number of CDs that have piled up and I put them in a container in my car along with several issues of magazines that I get to make my time in the car more productive.  I have found that a change in my environment causes me to pause, reflect and to ponder differently and I come out of my car with a slew of pages of ideas or phrases upon which to expand in my business.

On one of my jaunts out and about I was listening to someone talk about the word “Failure” and the idea that “Preparation” are linked.   Today the idea of the “FLASH” + mob, “FLASH” + you add whatever you want to has become popular and the results are mixed.

Here’s what I am saying:   depending on what age group you fall into these ideas are absolutely intriguing or down right frightening.  In business however, the lack of preparation will lead to failure 100% of the time.  We’ve all witnessed the candidate for public office who tries to talk without preparation and these words come back to trip up the candidate again and again and sometimes lead to his/her downfall or withdrawal from the public office they were seeking.

This same principle is also true in your life,  how you raise your children, the success of failure of your relationships and in every aspect of your professional life and your personal life.

Preparation doesn’t mean hours and hours of long hard work, although sometimes that’s what it takes to get the success.

There are times when a couple of minutes of quiet reflection will do all the preparation you need.

Other times you need to keep your ears wide open and your mouth completely shut and just listen.

When you reflect back on last year and look forward to this whole new year of a fresh start, in what area, do you see that you may want to do some preparation?



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