Predictability Steps

Last time we discussed the areas in our professional and personal lives and gave examples of how “Predictability” plays a big role in what we do in these two areas of life.

Today we will discuss the steps that we go through mentally in the whole process.  So let’s start.

First,  You come face to face with the “unpredictable” item.

Second,  You process your immediate emotion of “is this a threat” to me, or “is this an opportunity” for me.

Third, based on your emotional decision you either “throw up the defensive shield and begin to fight back” (this can be in all sorts of unprofessional actions and in your personal life it can also get pretty ugly), or “you begin to figure out how you can embrace and expand and make the most of the opportunity” that is being presented in your professional life or in your personal life.

Fourth,  once you have decided on an action (this takes place in a nanosecond and is a “chemical” exchange in your brain), you actually do the thing.

Fifth,  once this is completed you begin a process of processing the chemicals through your blood stream and you are either on “high rev” for several hours or you are “shut down and turned off” for several hours.  We tend to ruminate over and over again the unpredictable item or we go over and over and expand the wonderful possibilities presented in our heads.

Sixth,  consequences show up.  Consequences can be wonderful or devastating and anything in between.  Actions always have consequences.

Seventh, you again go through the process of deciding whether or not the consequences threaten you bodily or if they are indeed another opportunity to move forward.

Predictability,  it is HUGE in every person’s life.

Now just in case you are one of those folks who loves the “living on the edge” life of surprise, may I caution you that your adrenals can only live that life at a certain pace and they are limited in their lifespan which translates into your lifespan.  When they are used up, they are done.  A little bit of the “wild side” is great in small amounts.  The consequences of the constant thrill has its own limiting factors.

We are finite in these fragile bodies we have.  Learn techniques to boost your decision making and critical thinking skills.  Every time you learn, implement and master one or more of these skills you actually raise the percentage of becoming a person seeking out optimistic predictability in your daily workplace and in your home life.