Positive Discernment in Your Success

When we come face to face with the moment we must make a decision we have a number of choices as we have discussed.  Let’s take a hard look at the positive approach in this post.

As you ponder that all important decision think about these questions:

Who is respecting who I am right now?

Where do I get respect?

Who  or what renews me and lifts me up on a daily basis?

Who or what increases my positive energy and makes me feel valued?

Who  or what opens up my inner drive and the doors of possibility for me?

All of your answers are about how you process and how you apply these answers on a daily basis in your personal life and your professional life.

Perseverance and Patience are the keys to success in this journey.  After all you didn’t reach where you are today overnight.  You got here one decision at a time over your lifetime.  You have been on this road for a long time.  You are a vessel full of  experiences, emotions, and intellect.

Your treasure is buried deep with in you.  Ignite the passion.  Up to this point you have only scratched the surface of who you are and who you can be.

If you are searching here, over there, at www…..com, that program over there, following this person over here, on the phone, with your friends, or anywhere else, I invite you to join me in discovering who you are from Y-O-U; becoming who you were meant to be from Y-O-U, refining that person who Y-O-U are, and living Y-O-U-R life in a place where the howling winds and turbulent sea of life will not give you a face plant in defeat.

I invite you to experience stability as a tree firmly rooted, a life of quality where contentment is in your hands, and security in your choices lifts you up and you are strong.  You deserve it.  You have tried and tried and you are tired.

I know because I have been where you are right now.  Each breath is so heavy and you are hurting all over and just the thought of having to do one more thing seems all but impossible.  I know all too well this feeling.  What I know now is that we weren’t asking the right question, so we have had no hope of making the right decision, much less put anything into a plan to succeed. This is a process.  So far the process of others has failed both me and you.

Your success, fulfillment and satisfaction does not come from stuff – – stuff drags you down like an anchor.

Success, fulfillment and satisfaction comes from the fruit you produce.  Fruit can only be produced in your life when you know those answers to the questions.  Your life is just like a fruit tree baring its harvest from year to year.  How is your harvest?

Prosperity is not about money, degrees, position or fame.  It is about something even more valuable.  Your own self worth.

Where are you on this path, this road of life?  You may be at the front, just beginning. You may be in the middle, or you may be nearing the end of your working years.  I encourage you to keep your focus, keep walking, and keep your belief in yourself and who you are and still are becoming.

If you are ready to take a chance on yourself and learn the answers to those life questions which will set a new course for you in your life, I encourage you to download my free article on how you can do this.

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  1. Steve Watkins

    Janice – Good thoughts…thanks so much. Steve Watkins 6/25/2012


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