Polished or Fake?

Today, I find myself surrounded by so many topics from which to blog about that I may just keep typing until my head in empty.

I am struck by the fact that with all of the reality shows on television that we are a nation of “fakes”.  Let me explain.  On any one of the reality shows where someone off of the street or even a celebrity ( and I use the term loosely) shows up on the “audition” portion, the professional sees “possibility” in the natural quality that is being looked for.  These professionals and the ARMY of other transformational artists KNOW that they can make anyone look “polished” on camera and that the natural part of the performance will have to have lots of molding, prepping, exercise, practice and so on to stand out from the other contestants.  Do you follow?

Okay, so let’s get into your world now.   This is exactly the way we operate in our lives.   We wake up and we look in the mirror or for most we do not even look in the mirror because we know what the reflection is already and we immediately begin to “get to work” on the “unpolished” person.  Perhaps an hour later we emerge to one degree or another of satisfaction as “put together and polished” to go out and impress our own set of “JUDGES” in the workplace or in society at large.

We come home beat up from a day of being “Fake” and wash off our “polish” and become the real person that we are.

Tomorrow morning we start all over again to become polished, prim, proper, and fake to what end?

This is an exhausting cycle and over time where does it move us?     Are you one of the few who is breaking the glass ceiling and knocking over and stepping on the crowd to get to that elusive goal whatever it is in your own mind?

Or are you seeing thousands of dollars wasted on products and clothing and other items that could be better spent in other areas of your life that mean more to you.

You see it is all a matter of knowing what your own self worth is.  It is not about the reflection in the mirror.  Take you mirror and hold it to your heart instead of your face and what do you see now?

I have said many times:  “What is it that you believe about yourself and where you are going and what do you really want in your life?”   If you do not have the answer to these finer points no amount of “polish” will replace or fill that deep longing inside of you that you feel after you take the “polish” off a the end of the day.

The second thing you have heard me say and write about many times is:  “Where did you get that belief about yourself?”  My experience tells me that somewhere along your own life’s road and travels someone whom you put lots of faith and trust in their opinion gave you this vision of what you “WANT TO BE” and that  vision didn’t match what you felt in the deepest part of your soul.

This is the moment when you voluntarily get on the roller coaster merry go round and you literally feel sick!   Have you ever seen the roller coaster merry go round?   No because it is a metal imagine  and you can sure feel what that feels like internally with just reading the words.  This roller coaster merry go round does not just gently glide up and down and around at a slow speed…..but….rather, it goes up at 120 miles and hour and then plunges straight down into a black hole and jerks you from side to side while going around and around and around.

Look in the mirror now.   What is starring back at you?



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