Polished or Fake III?

We are on a quest to find out if you are polished or fake in your presentation to the world every morning.

Last time we discussed the idea of your personal baseline and that you have the freedom to choose a new one right now.

Let’s take a look at the other option; let’s say that your baseline is not your first one, but rather one later in your life.

The same question applies here too.   Does the image, the words, the visual of that description still serve you where you are at this moment in your life?

If it does not then you are free to change it to something that serves you today, right now.

So many of us are so unsure of our own ability to form a positive opinion of ourselves that we are constantly searching for approval from others.  This process of searching is exhausting!

May I be so bold as to suggest that YOU LIKE YOURSELF FIRST!

Like everything about the way you came out of your mother’s womb.

Our goal in life is not to be PERFECT.

When they bury you many years from now, will those who love you say:    “She was perfectly groomed, her teeth were white an perfect, she colored her hair perfectly and no gray showed, she dressed in the latest fashion, and she rose to the top of her profession and made millions of dollars and changed the world in so many ways and on and on and on……”

The answer is NO!    So what are you doing that for, Who are you doing that for?

Do you think that the producer of the product or service that you spend thousands of dollars on each year will care that you no longer buy from them?  NO…..there is always another insecure person who is trying to live up to something that isn’t real out there clamoring for their product or service who will take your place.

Where can you spend that hard earned money in a manner that will make a difference in your life?

Who is it that really matters in your life?

Isn’t it you and what you think about yourself that either lifts you up to soar or drags you down into they depths?

It’s YOU, it is no one else.

We defeat ourselves from the inside out, not the outside in.

Here’s something to think about:    When do you think a blind person finds out that they are a certain race, ethnicity, what color their hair is, what type of an accent they have, what their shoe size is,  or what a red vs green apple tastes like?   When does a deaf person find out that they are short, or that they are tall, or that they can play the piano, or that birds sing in the spring or what thunder sounds like?  When does a child learn that they are in the 90th percentile for something at the pediatrician’s office, or that they are a grade level behind in reading?   When does an 8th grade girl find out that her sense of fashion is not that other the other popular girl’s in her grade or that what she finds so fascinating in her own life is not fascinating to any of the other girls in 8th grade?  When does a high school senior realize that their grades from 9th grade on really did count instead of how many baskets he had on the basketball team, when does he realize that his not having a summer job has really hurt his ability to succeed in college because he has had no training in character and responsibility?

We all get a message at some point in our lives and we take into our very soul and that begins to form our own self image of ourselves.

True or Not True, it makes no difference.  The image is there.

What do you know about your own self image?





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