Polished or Fake II?

Last time we took a roller coaster ride on something that I believe is at epidemic portions in our society; this idea that we have to present ourselves as “polished”.   Now do not go off the deep end here.  I am not talking about be showered, shaved, clean hair, clothing in good repair, brushing your teeth etc.  I’m talking about that over the top with the latest and greatest which is putting us in debt and not moving us forward.

It is not outside of you!

It is inside of you, that needs the polishing.

I call it being defeated from within.

Being defeated from within is all about your own mental self sabotage of yourself.

It doesn’t happen in the reflection of the mirror.  It happens inside between your ears.

Each of us has a glorified view of who we are and what we are worth and how we can get anything we want by “xyz” and if I don’t get it then I am being discriminated against and someone or something owes me because I don’t feel like I am entitled and on and on and on.  We all get on this merry go round and begin to believe the lies inside our head.

Let me ask you something:    Where did you get your own “baseline”?

What’s a baseline?

Okay, here’s what I am talking about:   It is a standard assumption that we each need to see our family doctor once a year for our yearly check up.  He takes our weight, our height, he checks our hearing, our pulse, our blood is drawn and from that he determines our cholesterol, our hormone levels, we give urine sample, they check our reflexes and so on.  This is our health base line.

Next year you come back and the process begins all over again.    The doctor compares the results from one year to the next with your initial base line and he praises or scolds you, he  adjusts, or begins medication based on the results.

So where did you get your personal baseline in your life?

My experience tells me that you have no idea, nor have you ever thought about it.

So, let’s try to discern where your baseline began.

When you think about your first memory of how you felt about yourself……..whose face do you see?

Now, here’s the tricky part………whose vision and words are playing in your head right now?

Is it the same person or someone else?

If it is the same person, then that is where you are stuck in your baseline.    I am wondering if those words and images are true today?  If they are not true, you have 100% freedom to set them aside and put in a new tape!

Did you get that?


What are your thoughts on this?



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