Poised for Greatness!

For the last few days we have talked about how to quell the unrest which rules you interior.   We have learned that the answers are not outside of you but rather the solutions come from inside of you; specially between your ears.  Do you know what just knowing this fact prepares you for?   I t prepares you for  “Greatness”!  Knowing where the issue truly resides is half the battle.   You see when we get this first part correct it allows our subconscious to take over and our brain can’t help but work on the solution 24-7.   That’s what our brain is designed to do – seek a solution.

We each have a default place of reasoning, actions, behavior, tape we play over and over.  The bigger issue is to let the subconscious work on the solution to the bigger problem.

In coaching we talk about the client actually knows what the answer is, but she is at present unable to “access” it.  We’ve all said to ourselves, “….I’m smart…..I can figure this out…..”   Sometimes it takes putting the situation or challenge at hand down for the time being and looking at it from many different angles instead of going for the default place of:  “I’m defeated….I give up.”  When we let some time happen between now and the moment of solving it, we do feel like we have climbed a great mountain and we are able to take in and accept that we did solve the problem or get to a solution which we were stumped on just a few short hours ago.

What was you most recent challenge?

How did you show your greatness?



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