Personal Skills: What Do I Believe About Mine?

What do you take in on a daily basis through your gates into your inner being?

I am not trying to be woo-woo or cagey here, I am just asking if you are really paying attention to what you are absorbing from the world around you each day.    Recently I was watching some interviewing and media magazine type shows which were talking about the passing of Steve Jobs and what he did and did not do well as a marketer, entrepreneur and visionary of how he wanted the world to be from his perspective and the influence his own life walk had on him.   These things are all influences that helped to hard wire his personality, his personal skills, and his view of “HIS WORLD”.

So what about you?   What are you taking in through your eyes each day?  How does what you watch and see and observe change you?

What about what you hear with your ears?  How does what you hear, listen to and the noise around you change you?

Humans touch a million things a day and taster continuously from morning until they sleep.  How do these things impact and change your life?

Our personal skills are largely based on these items I just asked you about above.  Yes, you have a certain level of ability to begin with, you may even have a giftedness in a particular area, and you are also teachable and trainable in several of the areas in which you function and work on a daily basis.

What do you believe about your skill level?  Do you believe that because someone gave you a great performance review?  Perhaps you believe what you do because someone kept telling you over and over again that you are “great” at something.    Think about the professional athlete who has an agent pumping him/her up and their image and their interviews, reality TV appearances, the magazine covers etc.   Is that a real skill level or an illusion to hype a personality, a salary, keep a job or what exactly.   I can hear you saying right now, “….that’s not me….I’m not a professional athlete!….”

If we break it down, it most certainly is exactly what we do everyday to make ourselves visible from the sea of humanity vying for a job, recognition, a raise, a mate, a place that stands out and makes us desirable as a friend, the salesman of the year, or whatever it is that we are seeking to differentiate ourselves from the next person.

It is very hard to strip all that facade away and take a good look at what is underneath and get real with who we are and what are actual personal skill set is.  And to ask ourselves:  “Where do I need to improve what I am doing in my personal life?”    “Where do I need to sharpen my skills over here in my professional life?”   “When will I start and put those things on my calendar and do them?”

This type of introspection although tedious and sometimes down right tough needs to happen.  Some of us put it off for years until our knees and backs collapse from the weight of the thing and the stress of just carrying it around.

What is your personal skill level and what do you believe about that?



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