Personal Growth & The Spiritual Cornerstone

We are continuing are tour of the four cornerstones that each of us have in life.  Yours may be slightly different; but they are basically the four cornerstones on which we base our lives upon.  Personal Growth is that part of your life where you continue to put in information, time, talent, engage in a continued learning process to broaden who you are at a very deep level.  Learning never really stops in life. 

Let me ask you something; “What do you do when you get bored?”  If you are 99% of the population you go to your “default”.  “What is my default?” You may ask.  Your “default” is that activity that you do everything you do not have a plan or next step.  Most people “eat”, “drink”, “text”, “surf the web”, “watch TV” etc.  All of these activities are “mindless”, meaning we have no actual forethought, we just do them.

If you had a personal growth plan of action, you could continue to improve your mind, your financial picture, your retirement, your body, grow your relationships and so on if you are tuned into having a personal growth plan which is based on your own spiritual cornerstone.

Now I am sensing lots of push back here at the mere letters s-p-i-r-i-t-u-a-l.  What is that about?  You either have a spiritual belief which is your cornerstone, or you do not.  This topic is in no way a threat to you.  That is something that has been planted there in your mind either by yourself and some agreement you have with the term or by someone or something else.  In any event you need to discover what that is: which is personal growth by the way; and decide for yourself what this looks like in terms of your own life.

What will you do today to personally grow in the spiritual cornerstone?