Personal Growth & Mental Corner Stone

This topic of “Personal Growth” is a lifelong quest for me.  I am a “Lifelong Learner”.  I think it is my calling in life.  This topic of Personal Growth is also one of the eight areas in our lives on which this corner stone is vital for our mental health.

Small businesses and corporations alike know the value of maintaining forward growth in the area of their businesses and their technology and such.  This is also true for the individual.  Just because we graduated from school or college does not make us knowledgeable on topics of interest to us, our families and our lives. 

As we each mature we learn new things in every new area of life that we experience.  Before we owned a car, there was no need to know about cars in our lives.  Before we purchased our home or rented our first apartment, there was no need to know about such things.  Before we had children with crooked teeth, there was no need to know about who is a good orthodontist.  Before we had aging parents who need care there was no need to find out this information.

You get the gist of this.  When I discovered that I had a great eye for color and decorating, I began to educate myself about decorating.  When we purchased our first home and I discovered I had a “green thumb”, I devored  books on gardening.  I am sure that you do the same thing.

I firmly believe that we are meant to continue our own growth personally throughout our lives.  If we are not learning and growing and moving forward what are we doing?  We become stagnate and I personally believe we go into a “state of decline”.  In other words we hasten our own demise through doing nothing.  We are waiting to dare I say:  we are waiting to die.

This again here is an area where we need to pay attention to ourselves and not get so wrapped up in parenting and working that we forget to grow.  This personal growth actually makes us very strong mentally in this corner stone which is so very important.

When was the last time you grew in an area of interest to you?  Your local library is full of books.  Your local community college has courses to suit all interests.  What about a local art or craft store?  Your community gardening club?  Your church?  There are thousands of opportunities for your own personal growth right outside your door.  Choose one today!