Personal Growth and Your Physical Well-Being

As women we must pay special attention to this essential part of our second corner stone which is our “physical” side of our lives.  What does “Personal Growth” look like in your life?  Do you have a “Personal Growth Plan”?  You know we have a plan for our children and their growth process.  They go to school in a predictable pattern, year after year until they reach a place of “promotion” and then the next segment in dutifully planned and supplied and saved for.  Once that level is achieved then there is another level right in line with their growth mentally and spiritually and physically, emotionally etc.  But, what about you?  Just because you became a working woman, a wife, a mother, an aunt, a volunteer does not mean that your personal growth stops.

One of the areas of deepest need in a woman is this one of “Personal Growth”.  I know in my own life that when I became a working woman, there were things that I did not know and there was no where to learn them.  I sure wish I had known business etiquette for example, how to write a memo, how to reprimand without offending or hurting, how to dress, how to watch out for behavior which was not professional and so on.  Today, we as women have many resources to learn this type of things and indeed I think it is vital for us to attend, learn and impliment this information and then even bigger teach it to our children especially our daughters.

What about the area of “Nutrition”?  If we all know so much about what is healthy for us; why are we obese?  We are obese because we do not care about ourselves enough to become educated, clean out our homes of foods that are killing us and our families and we are not valuing ourselves and our families enough to s-t-o-p buying, and serving this toxic mix of processed chemicals.  We must first educate ourselves and our families, then clean out our homes, then learn how to buy and prepare healthy meals, become vigilant with our choices and get outside and m-o-v-e (I’m not talking about driving around or doing something on the cell phone or computer, I mean move your body until you sweat and you are breathing heavily.)  We do not have time to waste on “electronics and all that they provide” when we are dying right where we stand because of our poor choices.

It is my firm belief that if a person is not in an active pursuit of mental growth in every area of our lives, we are basically rolling along with our own personal status quo and waiting for death.  I do not mean that in a morbid way.  What we are doing is just existing and waiting for the “perfect whatever” to happen and then we will “whatever that is for you” and it never comes.  So we are just stumbling though life daily with no plan and putting the fires as they come up in life.

All of these wonderful things are possible.  What it takes is:  taking 100% responsibility for where you are right at this moment; it takes knowing that you are your choices and again you are 100% responsible for your chocies (and those of your family of minors); it takes a “pause” to see what you want, where you are, what has not worked and a focus of great determination; it then takes a realistic plan, an accountability partner who will support you until you get there (no matter how long it takes) and then you will be free.

Personal Growth is one of the areas of life which is vital to your personal wellness.  How will you grow personally today?