“Perfectionism” – 17 Days Left in 2010

Today there are exactly 17 days left until 2010 is history and 2011 begins.

This time of year brings on a slew of “perfectionism”.

According to the dictionary: Perfectionism is the act or person (ist) who is in a state of being “perfect”, without “flaw” or “defect”…..

Is this what you are setting the standard for in your life here with 17 days left in this waning year?
May I just say that, it is probably Y-O-U who has put this burden upon yourself.
If someone else in your household, requires “perfection” then engage them in the process of doing so.
Don’t dump it on them, talk about what has to happen for “them” to feel that “whatever feeling” they thing or feel is missing.
Write down all of it.
Then ask:  “…what will you do?…..This is what I am good at and what I will do to make it special….”
Now really, what’s going to happen if there aren’t “X” number of cookies made.
What’s going to happen if you can’t afford that “whatever” it is that is the perfect gift?
Okay, so there may be some disappointment.  What expectation and modeling are you portraying to your family, by trying to be “PERFECT” at everything.
Everyone does something good.
Stick to what you are good at.
Do that.