Perfect Moments In Time

Sometimes life gives you a perfect moment and when these moments happen with me, I find myself as an observer watching the whole “moment” unfold like a perfect performance, a perfect piece of artwork, a perfect day and I am filled with gratitude, wonder and awe.  The past three days have been such an occurrence.

One of our daughter’s recently became engaged to a wonderful young man and we planned an engagement party coupled with a day of wedding dress shopping at the world famous “Kleinfeld’s” in New York City.   The logistics for hosting, planning, preparation, house guests and party guests coming from all around the world was thrilling (I love doing this kind of thing and it truly energizes me).

Friday morning dawned and it was a picture perfect day.  The long white limo drove up to the front door and 5 excited women bounced into the limo and one lone male:   Dad! (After all when Dad see his little girl in that beautiful dress, who could refuse such a prize!).

Excitement was electric in the limo and the ride into NYC was 42 minutes, and NO wait at any tunnel!!    We pulled up and lots of photos were taken outside this historic landmark and who hasn’t heard of “Say Yes To The Dress”!!  We were greeted and to our amazement, they were filming a segment for the show the day we were there.  We got to see the famous Kleinfeld employees that you all see on the show all dressed in black which is their signature.

My daughter showed the wedding specialist her top 5 and the dress she loved.  Off they went to pull those wedding dresses.  They were back inside of 10 minutes and my daughter slipped her size 2 body into the dress she loved.   It was a perfect fit and “that SMILE” came over her face immediately!  It is true what they say about trying on the dress that is truly meant for the bride.

We all walked out to present my husband his beautiful young bride daughter and his face was beaming.  It was a perfect moment.  Filming stopped on the show and consultants came over and just beamed at how perfect that dress was for this young woman and how stunning she looked.

She said “YES”!    We would have been a boring segment to the show.  We were in and out in under an hour and everyone was ecstatic about the whole flawless process.  A perfect moment was such an infusion of  joy into every person that morning.

You know “Drama”, the “Bridezilla”, the snide comments by all who are with you is just a ploy to bring discontent into your life.  Think about it.   Life is hard at times and times will be tough, but, ratings are for “the box” not for those who live life to the fullest with all its many pleasures.

How can you make someones life today a “perfect moment” that will be remembered for a lifetime and might even bring a tear to your eye when you remember that perfect moment in time?



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