Perfect Completion

Perfect Completion is a disease of men and of women.  Perfect Completion is the art of keeping ones self in a state of turmoil until every single thing is completed perfectly to the satisfaction of the task master.  Who is your task master?  My guess is that it is probably YOU!

Tell me if you actually do any of these things:

I go to bed and sleep soundly when there are dishes in the sink.

I can leave my home in the morning and there are clothes on the floor in the bathroom.

I will drive right past my trash cans at the curb.

I toss the mail into a big basket and I can let it sit there for weeks.

I miss birthdays of my extended family and I do not loose sleep over it.

OK, so the grass is up to my ankles, its dark now no one will notice.

If these send you through the roof then I bet you:

I cannot go to bed until every dish is washed, dried, put away and the counters are clean and clear.

I never walk out the door until the place is picked up and there is a load of laundry in the washer.

I toss the trash cans into the trunk as I pull in my driveway on the day it is picked up so the front of my home is neat and tidy and in order.

After I put the trash can in the back of the car, I run around and get my mail.  As soon as I get in the house I go through it sort it and toss and shred the trash, and file the bills and correspondence, then I toss those clothes in the dryer from this morning.

The grass gets mowed every Saturday, rain or shine, no excuses.

Everything has a place and everything is in its place.  I am exhausted, but free!

Life isn’t about being “perfect”.  Life is about learning to enjoy the journey.  Chill.   Those dishes will be there tomorrow morning.  Those them in some suds and go to bed!