Last time we discussed a simple idea on how we get to our number 1 on our list and how that was “inner work”.  Today we will discuss how we get to making this process “Peaceful” for you as a Woman-In-Business and a Woman outside of your professional life.

The Greek word for “Peace” is “eirene”.  It means to “Bind Together”.  We are all searching for that perfect something in order to convert Chaos into Peace in every area of our lives.

This is hard work.  The key is your “Perspective”.  If you SEE everything as a “Have To” then there will be no room for the “I Want To”. 

When you add “Emotions” and “Drama” to this recipe, you have a finished product which looks like:   Drudgery, Long List, Demands, Unmet Expectations, No Time for Me, Anxiety, Heavy… get the idea.

What would happen if you put on your “Why I want to do this item” and the “Benefit I will receive by doing this item” on that list?  How would the list read differently?

Try this: 

1.     Take you running list from today and get a fresh piece of paper and tape them together. 

2.     Now write the benefit of completing the first five items on that list.

3.     Read each one out loud.

4.     Does your list feel “heavier” or does it feel “lighter”?

Let me know what your results are!