Part # 3 Freedom & Owning Your Future

I would love to know how that process was for you.

If you have never STOPPED and given critical thinking like the exercise which was suggested in Part #2 before, how did it work for you?

As promised here is the very next step.

Once you write them down the answers to your "Bigger Questions"  you will need to let your subconscience work on them.   

So take a nap, sleep on them, take a walk in the surf and think about them, watch the sunrise over the landscape and set behind a mountain peak. 

Lay there and watch the stars come out and see the awesome nature of the 24 hours in a day and be awed by that vision of creatiion. 

What are you feeling now.  Inspired?   A sense of fulfillment?  What? 

More tomorrow……

Take that moment and turn all of that energy into looking into your future and owning it.  Now answer the questions.