Pain, Heat, Cat Scan

Well, here we are at the end of the week.  I am still doubled over in pain.  I have gone to my family doctor and he can’t find anything wrong with me.  Blood work shows nothing, preliminary tests show nothing and he says let’s get you in for a cat scan.  So you know the drill, fasting, and a bottle of that nasty white stuff and then off to the radiology center.

There a very rough technician asks me:  “Where are you veins?”  She then proceeds to be so rough and she keeps telling me;  “hey…I’m waiting for your comment about how great that IV insertion was?……Huh?”  Well, I told her, actually you are pretty rough, especially if a patient doesn’t have visible veins and you tape the tubing down with the same harshness!

That’s pretty bold considering she is about to inject me with contrast die and she is behind me and I can’t see what she is doing!  I figured, I already feel terrible, and she isn’t helping me feel better.  I am just thinking about how my poor arm is going to look tomorrow after all the blood which was drawn and now her stabbing my arm.

While I was in the radiology center, we had a thunderstorm and I was hoping it had soaked the ground so I wouldn’t have to water tonight, no such luck.  I used the soil tested and only the tips of the burnt grass got wet!

Tomorrow is another day, as Scarlet says.