Overwhelm (part 2)

Your difference is what makes you strong!

Last time we talked about what to do when the weight of your world is upon you.  Today we are going to pull ourselves up and get moving forward with solutions.

Okay, so you have been in the crumpled pile in the floor and that is not being weak or showing signs that you can’t handle anything.  That’s a lie that you have come to believe.

You have washed your face or washed your entire body and now you are ready to put the pieces of the puzzle with not picture together to find your way back to a healthy state of living.

What’s first?

As a coach, I really like getting a clear picture of where I am right now at this moment.  You know taking a reality check.   If you are being bombarded with people, peers, children, upset teenagers, spouse or whomever, check them at the door and refuse to do anything until you sort things out.  I can assure you they will still be there when you get it together and come back.  Separate yourself, even if that means sitting in your car in the garage.

So what’s actually going on here?   Remember, everyone of you will have a different answer, because none of us lives the life of the other.

What ever your answer is, IS CORRECT!   This is your reality, this is your life.

What is the number one highest priority at this moment?  This is what you think, not anyone else.

That’s where you begin.   That’s great! It’s great because you now have a starting place from which to launch from.

Nothing else matters right now.

This is a key principle that you really need to adopt in life in order to maintain your sanity:  You cannot be everything to everyone in your life, no matter how much you want to be that person.  It is the #1 battle you will lose every time.  Here’s another one:   There will be times when nothing, I repeat nothing you do will satisfy a person, even someone that is the love of your life.  You cannot be everywhere at once.

And you know what?…..you were never meant to be that person.

Being a “role model” in life is something that is the greatest gift of “love” that you can give your family, your spouse, your children, peers, and so on.

Our lives are meant to be “RELATIONAL”.  That means we “SHARE” the burdens of living with those around us.

If you are the only one “in charge” of all the housework, all the cooking, all the transportation, all the chores, all the stuff that goes on in the family and you have to work and are the only parent, then the role modeling that is going on is off balance.

We each learned a long time ago from our own “role model” how to be and how to live our lives and we teach and model what we know.

NOW……you know better, you are now equipped to do better and you can be the role model that will move not only your family but yourself forward.

And guess what?    You will stumble and you will fall down again and that’s is okay, because it is in these moments that we can begin again and when we do;