This is the time of year when most of us are on OVERLOAD!

How many of these are you afflicted with:

Overloaded with projects

Overloaded with plans

Overloaded with gift buying

Overloaded with baking

Overloaded with decorating

Overloaded with entertaining

Overloaded with events to attend

Overloaded with volunteering

Overloaded with special meals

Overloaded with family activities

…all in the name of a holiday?

Well, I want the holiday to be perfect for everyone!   Oh yea, I’ve heard that before.   Does this describe you:

I want the experience to be perfect

I want the memory to be perfect

I want the gifts to be perfect

I want the entertaining to be perfect

I want the baking to be perfect

I want the decorating to be perfect

I want the meals to be perfect

and on, and on , and on it goes….to what end……exhaustion and frustration?

You know, I bet if you asked each person in your family the one or two things that really mean the most to them and included yourself in that question, you may just be able to do away with 80% of your frustration, exhaustion and unrealistic expectation.

I also encourage you to let go of 10% of whatever it is that you do.    That 10% will make a world of difference.

Put in a warm bubble bath or hot shower and 15 minutes of closed eyes in the dark and quiet before bed and see what a difference it makes to be totally disconnected from the madness.





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