Our Learning Experiences

Last time we talked about our Melt-Down and how we can answer some simple questions that we really do not like to pose much less answer.  I gave you several tips on how to face the “Melt-Down” head on.  So how did you do?

Every single “Melt-Down” is a leaning experience.  You know when I first heard this term:  “Melt-Down”, I immediately could see and hear one of my children from many years ago right in front of me having one of those famous preschooler “melt-downs” which are so common in a mom’s life.  They become too tired, to stimulated, to much sugar,  just too much and they become a “puddle” of confusion and do not know what to do, how to behave, how to handle their feelings, and so on.  Does this sound familiar?

What led to this melt-down in my own life?  This is a great question to ask ones self.

Where exactly did I get “derailed”?  This is very important because it goes to a point of our weakness in the whole scheme of things.  If we know where we went off track then that’s where we can get back on track and change our behavior, decisions and attitudes.

What are the habits I need to stop immediately?  You know what these are exactly, but you are unwilling to stop.

Do I need to confess something to someone?  I remember last year Miss Oprah had a whole show on women who hide there shopping from their husbands and what an elaborate web they had woven for themselves in order to “hide” they addiction to spending money.  I felt so bad for the public humiliation of the spouse who knew things were not financially sound, but never stopped long enough to really take a good hard look.

What wrongs do I need to make right?  If this is you, you best fess up now and avoid further pain.  To whom do you need to right a wrong?

Here’s what I know for sure:  If you find that you are feeling:  arrogant, overfed, consumed with satisfying your own pleasure, consumed with your self, wanting things, unconcerned for others and in need of “immediacy” (needing an answer immediately) and you ignore everyone and everything around you, then you are in for a serious Melt-Down and all the consequences that will follow.

It takes a mature person to:  1.  Notice the signs, 2.  Listen carefully, and 3.  take specific action.

When we have flaws in our life or we are drawn to excess behavior we are in trouble.  The question becomes not what we want or need, but rather who or what is defining who we are.  Is that your job, your status, the heels you wear, your hair color, your weight, the handbag you carry, your residence or your car or what?

It is time to pull up the blinds and light the strong sunshine shine into the dark corners of what has become your habitual behavior and decide to take 100% responsibility and make some serious changes.

You know what?  You are very special and you can absolutely do this.  You must decide that this is who I am today and that I am willing to take a look and to change.  You already have everything you need to survive.  More will not change anything.  More money will not solve all those bigger problems.

If you need help in starting, please ask.  You matter and you do make a difference in this world.