Our 17 Capacities

When was the last time you thought about your “Capacity”?  According to the online dictionary, “Capacity” is a noun which means:  the maximum amount that something can contain and the ability or power to do, experience, or understand something.”  Wow, so if this is true what would you rate yourself on your capacity in the many areas of your life? Rate yourself now: [simply give yourself a number from 1 being the lowest to 10 being a perfect score.

My “Capacity” in my career is______

My “Capacity” in my relationships is____

My “Capacity” in my spiritual life is ____

My “Capacity” in my finances is _____                                                                       

My “Capacity” in my health & wellness is _____

My “Capacity” in my home is _____

My “Capacity” in my family life is _____

So how did you do?  Where do you need to do some work and make some time to work on those areas of your life?   Did you know that one small change in those areas of your life where you scored yourself low can make a huge difference?  They really can.  We must all change a little and continuously change in order to reach our limit, in other words, our capacity.

Developing capacity involves a number of things, and all of these items revolve around a person’s awareness of themselves.  Below is a list of the things we each need to become aware of in our own lives.

  • Making Excuses for things
  • Feeling and fantasies about a grandiose future without basis
  • Talking more than we listen and over-talking when others are speaking
  • Circular negative emotions that go unresolved
  • FOMO – Continuous distraction “Fear Of Missing ”
  • The absence of personal reflection daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly
  • A blatant unwillingness to pay the price in time and money to gain expertise

How many of these are you guilty of as you read them today?

Let’s take a look at some “Capacities” you may not have thought of, shall we?  Some of these on this list are self-explanatory, and others will need a brief description.

  1. Your Energy Capacity
  2. Your Emotional Capacity
  3. Your Thinking Capacity
  4. Your People Capacity
  5. Your Creative Capacity
  6. Your Production Capacity
  7. Your Leadership Capacity
  8. Your Responsibility Capacity
  9. Your Character Capacity
  10. Your Abundance Capacity
  11. Your Discipline Capacity
  12. Your Intentionality Capacity
  13. Your Attitude Capacity
  14. Your Risk Capacity
  15. Your Spiritual Capacity
  16. Your Growth Capacity
  17. Your Partnership Capacity

How many of the 17 capacities listed above have you thought about recently?  Over the next few months, we will explore several of these.  My good friend and mentor Dr. John Maxwell gave me a great formula for “Capacity.”

AWARENESS     +     ABILITY     +     CHOICES     =     CAPACITY

When we think about it, we might have awareness but not the ability, and we always make a choice.  We might have no awareness, so we do not think about our ability, and hence we make the wrong choice which puts a lid so to speak on our capacity to move up, move forward or onward.  



Next Month we will talk about Your Abundance Capacity, Your Attitude Capacity, Your Character Capacity, & Your Creative Capacity

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