Options and Opportunities

These are two of the most important words in the English language.  Indeed, these are two of the foundational corner stones of why people want to come to the United States because of the dream of “Options and Opportunities” and the perception that “Options and Opportunities” do not exist where they currently reside.

Where do you look for your own “Options and Opportunities”?   Perhaps you are looking at the business ladder in the the career field you have choosen.  Perhaps you are looking for the opportunity to start your own business at some point in your life.  Perhaps you are looking in the options of buying a home, moving to a new state, or something else.

We are all “searching” for that next opportunity to………(what)…….?

The “WHAT” is different for each one of you reading this.    That is a fact!

The “HOW” is also different for each one of you reading this post.   That is a fact!

The “WHEN” is another interrogative that is different for each one of your reading this blog post today.  That is a fact!

What is similar about the “searching” for the next opportunity?

Say those things that you think is the same for each of you.     Drawing a blank?   Well, let’s explore that blankness for a moment. 

You each have first had the “dream” of the next opportunity.   Right!

You each have given some “thought” to that next opportunity.  Right!

You each have a “Plan” when the next opportunity, suddenly shows up and you can say “YES!”         Ahhhhhhh,…….probably not!

You each have put aside the money that you might need in order to jump when the door of opportunity presents itself, right?     Ahhhh…., I’m not so sure about that one…..

You each have a support team in place that will cheer you on, give you sound advice, understand the long days and night of sweat equity you need to put into the opportunity when it presents itself.?     “Definitely….that would be a “NO!””

Here’s what happens in our lives since we don’t know what we want, where we want to go and are not prepared by even taking the time to follow the day dream past the dreaming stage to get it onto a napkin or piece of paper, we are never ready when Opportunity presents itself. 

I also know that because we here in the United States have millions of “Options” available to us, we become paralyzed and can’t make a decision.  We also take for granted that those “millions of options” will always be there.

Some of us are just the opposite however.  We have a “favorite” thing and that’s all we purchase.   If the manufacture suddenly changes the packaging, flavor or scent, we are enraged that we can no longer find “Our Favorite Product”.   So what do you do?   

Think about a product that you have purchased for more than 10 years.   You got it.   What is it that you like or love about that product?  Why do you keep buying it?  My guess is that, this product fills a very specific need in your life exactly, just like a puzzle piece in a puzzle.  It does everything that you need it to do and nothing more and nothing less.   You are “stable and satisfied” when you buy it, see it on your shelf at home, and when you use it, it gives you the experience that know it will.

When we search for “Options and Opportunities” that are there for the purpose of taking us to the next level of experience in our personal lives or our professional lives, that thing we just discussed in the last paragraph changes.   Let’s call that our “filter” on life.    

Your filter is liking putting on you sunglasses on a sunny day.   Or if you wear corrective lens your world look fuzzy until you put in your contacts or your glasses and then “”Your World” comes into “FOCUS”.  This is what happens when we are searching and looking for options and opportunities.   It often reminds me of “Tax Season” with the preparer looking and searching for options and opportunities to find deductions and savings.

What is your “Filter: in looking for the “Options and Opportunities” in your life and business?