One Volatile Issue and You

Everyone of us as “New Eves” (those women who find themselves at a point of awakening to who they really are) have items which we bump up against on a daily basis and we must decide what it is that our position is on the topic or thing.  We must decide what our stand is about the thing.  We must decide if we can embrace it, reject it, or try to just let it be there and evolve our understanding about it. 

What is the “IT” for you today?  What big something is pushing its way into your face, mind, body, environment that is the screaming banshee wanting your decision?

As we wind down the year here, the two which stand out for me are “Victoria’s secret” Christmas ad and catalogue and all the “most popular/best dressed/sexiest/man or woman of the year issues of magazines”.  What do these two items have in common?  Do these trigger something to come sarcastically screaming out of your mouthor mutterings under you breath or maybe an aggressive  toss of the magazine or circular into the trash can with a vengeance? 

Do you know what it is yet?

Volatile issue number one is the ever evolving view of “Femininity”.  I have a news bulletin for you….there is no definition for this term today which encompasses all women.  There wasn’t a definition 100 years ago and even 3,000 years ago.  If you are currently in a relationship then the feminine definition today is whatever you deem it to be to the best of your ability, knowledge and money you have to spend on maintaining whatever that looks like to you, feels good to you, and if you include your special someone what they love about you.

Here’s a big secret no one tells you……..When these goddesses are standing there in the studio, there are a ton of people around, who are only interested in a couple of things:  does my “creation” (the model) her hair look fabulous for the “purpose” of this photo shoot?   Another might be thinking:  does my makeup creation on the model showcase my makeup product line  and look good on this face?  another is worried about the lighting, another, that the item(s) to be sold which the model is wearing fit well, are pressed, shine right, hang right and so on.  The photographer is there to do his/her job.  The job is to “capture the feel, the look, the product in the most seductive manner in order to create a feeling from the buyer of “I Have To Have That”……that’s his/her sole job.  The corporate client wants an ad to do all the things mentioned about and to sell his product and have a good 4th quarter for the year.  That’s it.

OK, so who is the one standing there hyping the femininity side of the equation?  Well that would be you.  Let me explain.  In the paragraph before you saw the strictly business side of the equation.  That is to shoot it, make it appealing and get it out there.  The other side of the equation comes strictly and solely from YOU! What you do is to add the chemicals, in other words the emotional reaction to the advertisement, the store window, the feel of the product as you run your hand over it in the actual store.   Then a whole different set of “buying chemicals” comes into play all from you.  The corporate seller is absolutely depending on you and your feminine chemical kicking in my dear.

If we remember that no amount of makeup, perfume and clothing, hair color, or skin softener will change one atom of who we are at the core of our femininity, we will be just fine.  Because you see your femininity comes from inside you first.  Nurturer that first, grown her first.

Next time Volatile Issue # 2.