Off Course

Have you ever felt like you were exiting off of one thing and then immediately on-ramping right back into the maze of life and still feeling totally off course?

Sometimes it gets so back, we just sit down and put our head in our hands and wonder:  “Where in the heck, did I get so off course and when was my first misstep?”  If you’re like most of us, you have no idea when, no idea where, or even why you are so off course, you only know things aren’t right and somehow you have to pull yourself, and your life together to get back on course.

There are so many decisions, experiences and reasons we get side tracked and become off course.  Sometimes it’s one bid decision.  More often than not, it is actually thousands of small, seemingly insignificant decisions which throw us so far off course.  It is those small decisions which compound over time pretty soon it’s been a month, then a year and then decades.

Here are a couple of  obvious course derailleurs; see if any resonate with you and your life.

*  Wrong Focus

*  Poor Relationships

*  Uneducated Decisions

*  Decisions made in haste

*  Regret over past mistakes

*  Fear of failure

*  Not being in control 100% of the time

*  Poor Planning

*  No big picture vision

*  Circumstances

*  Feelings of:  “I am not enough”

If any of these sound familiar they should.  These are some of the most common ways we become off track.

How do I get back on track, if I am off?  Now that is the first step to recovery, knowing that you are off!  Congratulations!!  Let’s get started.

First, take a deep breath and understand we all get off at some point,  the best thing for you to do is to forgive yourself and resolve to correct the situation.

Second, just like it took you many wrong decisions to get here, we are going to take the opposite approach and make lots of GREAT decisions to get you back on the right track and up to speed!

Third,  you need to have a very clear vision of where you want to go.  If you do not have a vision, then you need to go somewhere quiet and clear your head and get clear!

Fourth, now that you have a clear vision you need a step by step plan to get there.  So that is your next assignment.

Fifth, start with step 1 and march forward into your new path and keep putting one foot and one decision in the plan in place, one after another.

Sixth,  celebrate each new step forward in the plan.  This goes to the heart of everything that your are, you own celebration of self-worth!  When you take the time to celebrate (internal pat on the back, or a shout of “ya-hoo” or what ever you do to celebrate (fist pump), it is like making a internal deposit into your core of self worth.

Congratulations, you are on your way!




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