NOW! I want change NOW!

Getting what we want all at one time derails and destroys us.

Do you believe this statement?

We ask like and insentient tap drip.

We ask:  “Why can’t I just _______________________?”

We ask:  “I really want________________________, where is it?”

We ask:  “I really need to have __________________________to be happy, why can’t get that?”

We believe if all these things appear overnight in our living room wrapped like gifts under the tree at Christmas; we would open them dive in and saunter out the front door with a huge smile on our faces and warmth radiating from our chests.


I can hear you clearly from here.  I can feel that broad smile on your face.

Here’s the shin sting in this type of thinking, about having it all (whatever “all” means to you), right now; very few are prepared to handle the enormous responsibility of having these things we desire and we are not ready to shoulder the consequences which accompany these granted wishes and longings.

Let’s look at three well known examples.

The Prodigal Son in Luke 15: 11 – 32.  You remember this story, a wealthy man has two sons and one demands his inheritance to live it up NOW, while the other stays home and works.  The father knows that this son is not ready to shoulder what lies on the road with money in his pocket, but he lets him go and gives him his inheritance.  In a short period of time the son has depleted all of his wealth and is working on a far feeding the pigs.  When he realizes what a foolish decision this was to demand his inheritance.  He goes back home and begs to be treated like on of the hired hands just to be fed and clothed.  His father runs toward the familiar outline on the road to the house, thinking nothing but his son has returned after a very hard lesson in life.  The son asks for forgiveness and is reinstated in his rightful place.  Happy ending?   Not really,  the other son who stayed behind did not see the situation like his father did and animosity arose.

Gift D rowing Saga. We have all witnessed this scene, whether it be Christmas, Birthday or other grand occasion where gifts are lavished on another.  Let’s take a child who has a big birthday party and the grandparents on both side and the ex’s grandparents and the parents all of them come to  this child’s party.   What do you see in your minds eye at the spectacle of gifts and doting attention.   The child melts down into a state of overwhelm.  He/She is unprepared for this scene, of just too much, all at once.   We’ve all witnessed this.   It is the same for us as adults.  Teenagers have this same stymied look and reaction when they turn 18 and graduate from High School.   Suddenly yesterday, everything was forbidden and today they are completely responsible for every moment of their lives.   When did reality set in for you?

What about Lottery Winners?   How do they handle immediate large sums of money and media attention?

What are some other examples you can think of?

The delay is actually a good thing for you even if it is decades.  Sometimes it takes a long time for us to learn responsibility, how to forgive, handle stress, discernment in relationships and with money.  We must experience loss and failure to truly be grateful and thankful for wealth and joy.  Compassion doesn’t develop overnight, nor can we speak another language in one week.  Most of us aren’t willing to stay focused that long or put in the time and sacrifice required.  The adversity we each face daily is shaping our lives.  When we yield and ask:  “What am I meant to learn from this?”; this is a true growth path.

When we complain, push back or bully and reject;  the pain will be great and we suffer and learn nothing from the experience – delaying what we long for; readiness is not present.





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