No Power, Snow everywhere and in the darkness….stillness

On Saturday, October 29th the northeast was hit with a very rare nor’easter.   Which is a “perfect combination” of weather patterns to produce a whopper of a storm.

Five days without any power, water, warmth or ability to move about as you please has a way of really refocusing a person in the cold darkness.

Here’s what I know:

1.   Who cares about the world “out there”?………being at a decent degree of warmth is more important!  So I chased the sunshine around my home to warm up and those seat heaters in the car are not a bad way to warm aching  bones.

2.  Staying connected is very important when you are alone in this situation.  Thank goodness for a cigarette lighter recharger to get what one needs and hear a loved ones voice.

3.  Where oh where can I find a warm shower, my head is itching me to death?    Through ingenuity that’s how!  I think I stood there for 15 minutes just soaking up the warmth.

4.  When the power does come back on……guess what…..the world is still a crazy mess……and no one missed anything!

For those of us who are Girl Scouts, no amount of  “being prepared” will suffice during one of these freakish storms.

And hey, I’m not complaining at all, I fared just fine and so did the dog.

I must admit when it’s fall and the sun goes down at 6 pm….hey, it’s time to go to bed!

I also read a great novel from cover to cover.  I read it in the sunshine in 5 rooms of my home, in the car, in a parking lot and by candle light.  I was riveted and couldn’t wait to see what happened at the end.

So this weekend,  my spouse and I are on cleanup and reconnecting lines and getting our home back up and running.

The world can wait until Monday!