No Limits Living

The two words “No Limits” reminds of other phrases that are short like:  “Just Do It” from Nike, or “No Fear” which was popular some decades ago.  When you think about the phrases “No Limits Living,” what comes to your mind?  Do you see yourself doing something you only dream about?  Perhaps you see a goal that is just out of reach.  You might see the realization of something you have been working very hard toward.  No matter what that “No Limits” image is, do you know how to reach it?

“To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom” ~ this quote is attributed to Socrates.  Many other great minds have said similar things:  “Do thine own work, and know thyself.” ~ Plato; Sun Tzu said this:  “Know thy self, know thy enemy.  A thousand battles, a thousand victories.”  From the Bible:  “…and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” ~ John 8:32.  The next logical question is How?

In my own coaching process, the second word is “AWARENESS,” and this is where we learn “HOW.”  When we look within ourselves and become “aware” of who we are, what we do, and why we do what we do, this is a great place to start.  When we are aware, we can then begin to develop our abilities and then we can make the right choices day in and day out in our professional and personal lives. 

Let’s do a “Life Lesson” here.  In order to grow, we must change something in ourselves.  Change does not come outside ourselves; change comes from inside us.  We need a new mindset that repeatedly tells us; not all change is bad, change is how we grow and lead.  Our capacity can only grow and expand when we are open to change in our lives. 

As you read this, look within yourself and ask this:  “What is limiting me right now?”  In business, this limitation is sometimes called “The Lid” which means hitting the ceiling of your capabilities or perhaps you are working for someone who has hit their own capacity lid.  In our personal lives, this may look differently. 

The first step on your journey is this:  “How will you remove what is that is limiting you if you do not know what it is?”   Be willing to sit with this question for several minutes:  “What is limiting me right now?”  You can think about the question in segments if you are stumped. 

  • What is limiting me right now?
  • What is limiting me right now in my professional life?
  • What is limiting me right now in my finances?
  • What is limiting me in my relationships right now?
  • What is limiting me right now in my spiritual life?
  • What is limiting me in my parenting right now?
  • What is limiting me in my health right now?

For many of us who have pondered questions like those above, we know that what is limiting us is “not knowing” something in that area of our job or life.  We feel must like a person who is in a dark hallway or cave with only a flashlight or no flashlight to show us the way out.  Did you know that, who we are and what we think about ourselves is the same way we view other people?  We see them through our eyes of experience, and this is not true. 

This month in May, I would like to give you a challenge.  Over the next 30 days think about what your strategy might in order to remove the limits you feel are in place.  Feel free to send me your strategy to my email below!

Next Month we will talk about Our 17 Capacities”.

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