Next Steps in Day In & Day Out

Last time we talked about visually seeing where “our time goes”.  Let’s take it one step further.

Let’s do the same exercise and put in FIRST the things we “want” to do that are important and see what our 24 hours looks like now.

To refresh your memory:  take a sheet of paper and draw a large circle on it.  Now segment the circle into 24 slices or pieces like a pizza or a pie. 

Write on the back of the same piece of paper the things that you “want” to spend time on each day and that are the most important to you and your healthy well being, on the left side of the page.  “Healthy Well Being” means in the areas of life such as:  body, mind, soul, relationships, and so on.

Then on the right side of that same page, write down all the things that you “must” do everyday, such as:  commute, work, etc.  Remember that “must” is a tricky one.  There are things that we think of that are “musts” which are really not in that category at all. 

Now start filling in the circle on the reverse side with your “wants”.   Then fill in your “musts”.    Just do it.  I am not concerned about the thing looking good, clean, neat.  Just the opposite should be true.  It should look crowded, messy, unmanageable and just plain yuck!

What does that look like?

It kinda looks like your life doesn’t it?

What can you do about that?