New Beginning

Yesterday, a very unique event occurred literally streaming live on every media outlet available.  That event was the transfer of power from one very brave soul to another brave soul in this wonderful land of opportunity we live in called:  The United States of America.  Indeed the sceptical was grand, there were smiles, faces with tears streaming down them, eyes closed in prayer and thanksgiving and children beaming at the wonder of it all.  One door closes in a chapter in our history and another door opens.  The door is fresh and full of promise.  This is the beauty of our system, that we have the opportunity to begin anew, fresh every 4 years.  Our new President minced no words in his Inaugural Speech.  He laid it right out there for those he is leading to see, to hear, to be etched for all time in the hearts and minds. 

I am wondering if you saw the parallel between what President Obama wrote, and said with how you start over, over begin anew?  This has been the longest campaign in history, over two years.  What did he do over those two years?  He surveyed the people he cares about from the North to the South, from the East to the West.  He found out what they wanted, what they were tired of, what they have lost confidence in,  what they needed and what exactly is that “CHANGE” that became the mantra of the party.

Today is your opportunity to have a “New Beginning”.  You are the President of your own life.  You can take charge and run your own “Country” and “White House” to your satisfaction.  Here are some questions you can ask yourself in your own survey of your country.

1.  What is your most fondest dream?

2.  What have you put down or put aside that you once championed?

3.  What is your most favorite thing?

4.  What is it that you are in need of right now?

5.  What is your heart’s most earnest desire?

6.  What is the one thing you worry about as you lay your head on your pillow at night?

It is possible my dear friend to find answers to all of these questions and to begin anew.  It does take time.  Just as our new President cannot change things overnight, neither can you.  It takes grit, determination and a real desire to change.  It will be painful at times, but the reward is so much better than the pain of change.  When one starts to make a change, being diligent every moment of the day is paramount in our success.  We get there by making small changes and taking baby steps with lots of support.  Support is easier than you think to enlist, especially when you partner with someone who is also looking to make a change.  It is also important to celebrate the change in our lives and embrace it and put away those things which are dragging us down mentally and spiritually.

The negatives require more energy from you than you can ever imagine.  Having the positive outlook and forward moving stance pumps us up.  I have said this many, many times and that is that when we change something in one area of our lives, everything changes.  If we make a change in our professional lives, our personal lives also change for the better.  If you decide to eat healthier for example at home, you will find you have greater mental clarity at your job.  Your BENEFITS are doubled.  How great is that.

Answer just one of these questions above today and write down 3 things you can do to accomplish your answer.  Then just do them every other day for the next sever days and see what happens.  Write me and let me know.

I have recently done this and my mental clarity is amazing.  I had no idea I was in such a deep thick fog!