Neglecting Ones Self

This is the fourth post in the series about “being a receiver” in your own life and how you are translating the incoming signals you receive and what you are doing with them and when they show up or are being viewed in your life what do others see that you are broadcasting.

So, what are you broadcasting for the world to see?

What does you family view each day?  What does you Boss see each day?  What do your peers see on the outward screen that you show?

If you are one of the millions running on “E” “empty” what you are broadcasting is not a “quality picture” of your life.  If your schedule has no time for grooming, exercise, sensible eating, menu planning, mending your clothing, attending worship services, planning and going on a vacation then your broadcast is of very poor quality.

It is true that when we let ourselves go and we take a back seat to everyone and everything else even our pets we begin to show signs of neglect very quickly.  Many of us are in complete denial for decades claiming that we are doing everything for our families and we can wait.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  If you are not 100% then you are giving less and less every year, every day, every decade.  The one day the last child has moved into the college dorm or flown out of the nest and you turn around only to not know the person in the mirror looking back at you.  You look around and if you are still married, you wonder who that is over there in front of the TV, because you haven’t given much notice to him.  You may look around your home and all of the cracks of neglect are suddenly gaping eye sores.

That isn’t a pretty picture.  It is very possible for you to be at 100% and have a home and a family which is well taken care of.  I’m not talking about the “World’s Standard” here, I am talking about what is reasonable and possible for you.  “NO” is a very powerful phrase and we do not use it enough.  Of course I am talking about boundaries here.  As women we give in far too quickly.  OK so they hate you for a day, that’s OK.

Did you know that is OK to disappoint someone?  Yes, it is.  Of course the opposite is also true here.  If you die to self and neglect your family in order to be “Perfect” then you are swinging too far in the other direction.

Fulfillment is a word which spans generations, societies, cultural norms and resonates in every area of your life.  Might I suggest a season of assessment in every area of your life? 

Where do I start you may ask?  That’s a good question!

Here are some areas you may want to begin and you can add others as you think of them:

*My Body

*My Mind

*My Spiritual Life

*My Relationships

*My Professional Life

*My Personal Life

*My Financial Health

*My Home

*My Family Life

*My Personal Growth

*My Professional Growth

*My Intimate Relationship

Those are just a few suggestions.  I am sure you may have more and that is perfectly OK.  These are the things which are important to you and it is always a good idea to give yourself a number of:  1) where you are today, and 2) where you want to be, and 3) where you want to be on that 1 to 10 scale in 5 years, 10 years, etc.

I would love to know what you discovered about yourself and what number you are at in each area of life.  To do that just comment in the section below.

I want to thank you for taking such interest in yourself!  You are worth it!