My Income Skills

Last time we talked about how to take an assessment of each area of your life.  If you are having trouble with that part, I suggest you fill out the box on this page and sign up for a learning experience on how to do this specific thing.  Please just write an email to me and I will connect you.  You will not regret stepping forward to learn these things.

What are the skills that you already possess that you can sell in the market place in order to bring in income for your family?  One of the biggest mistakes that unemployed folks make is thinking that they will jump back into the job market at the income level they just left.  Nothing could be further from this misconception.  Let’s explore why this is, so that you do not go out there with a mindset that is not in alignment with the job market at large.

Think about when you first were hired from your last position.  You started out probably somewhere near the bottom or bottom half of the pay scale.  That is normal!  Over time you built up  relationships, you proved your ability to perform over time by meeting deadlines, closing deals, or completing tasks that put you in a position of “promotability” and or in a place where you “income could be raised”.    What does all of this have in common?  TIME.   It took time for you to prove yourself in the position in order to get the reward for your skills.   Being a newbie, even if you have a fantastic resume will not jump the process and move you to the front of the pay line.  In today’s economic climate there are thousands of people just as qualified as you and with your level of experience.  You need to be “realistic”.

So what marketable skills do you have?  Keep a long running list.  There are also things that you do automatically that you do not perceive as marketable skills, so ask someone to help you out.  Often these folks see more than you do and can point out things that they see and  admire in you.

The next question is in the meantime while you look for income, how are you going to eliminate everything that is not absolutely necessary to sustain your life?  We are not talking about cutting out eating out once a week here.  We are talking about drastic cutting in your life.  This requires a new mindset about pulling in and surviving until you get an income.  Yes, it will be very painful, but you will be better off for making the choice now rather then when your lights are turned off.

Remember that family meeting we spoke of last time.   Well, it is now time for another one.  A real reality check on how we are all going to need cut back.  I have personally witnessed a mom with three kids in tow who were all over a store I was in recently tossing things into her shopping cart and when she tried to put several of the items back, her kids acted out, she was visibly embarrassed.  When she got to the the register, she had two credit cards rejected and her kids yelling….let’s go….and begin to push the cart out the door…..the clerk telling her that her card was denied….bring back that cart……she grabbed the child by the coat collar and pulled him and the cart back and then parked it by the register and gathered her three children and left the store and all the while the children were yelling to their mom that she didn’t have the stuff in the cart and she was red and trying to just become small and hide.

What would you have done?

What do you have the opportunity to do differently right now, today?

What skills do you have that you can sell to an employer who needs them?  Think outside the box here.  I am not talking about going onto the social media sites, or to post your resume on an Internet site, nor to look in the newspaper or magazine……I am talking about creating a job that meets your needs, on a job by job engagement that uses your skills that you can package and sell to the businesses that need your abilities and will buy them a la carte by the job.  You can work from home.  What you will have to develop is your own ability to be your own marketing job generating machine.  Who is better at selling you……than Y-O-U.

Next time How Do I Become My Own Job Generating Machine?