My Heart ~ Your Heart

Today, I had the privilege and the joy and the honor to attend the New Jersey Go Red for Women annual luncheon and awards presentation.  I have recently started to work with this group of dynamic women and I was truly overwhelmed at what I felt and saw!

In case you have been under a rock you will no doubt be aware that at these events EVERYONE wears RED! This in itself is quite a lovely site.  RED says look at me, I am special, I stand out! What a wonderful site.  Every shade of red you can imagine, and the great red shoes.  What a retailer’s dream!

All of this pales in the site and the stories of the “Survivor ~ Ambassadors” who are warm, loving women with a passion for life, her life, your life, the life your daughter, your aunt, your Mom, any woman that you know.  I do not know what that was.  It was a warmth, incredible love with no strings attached.  These Ambassadors were beautiful healthy women who stood tall, straight, radiating health and vitality.  Every woman’s story was incredible the odds against them and still they stand and they survive.
As we came into and out of the event there was a long red carpet lined with Survivor ~ Ambassadors who simply looked each of us in the eye and said “thank you”.

Whose life are you impacting today?

Who do you want to say Thank You to?

You are a survivor.

You are an ambassador.

How are you living out your life today?

Who are you modeling for?

What are you saying with your dress, your words, your actions?

You are a Survivor and you are an Ambassador.