Mother of the Bride

Today was a new experience for me.  I was the Mother of the Bride.  While nothing really prepares you in life for these momentous days we each experience them.  I remember how hard it was to become pregnant with her.  Then she decided to stay in the womb an additional 16 days.  She didn’t want to greet the world.  And today she left our home and became a wife in her own right.

The day was spotless.  The setting idyllic.  The wedding party handsome and beautiful.  The bride was stunning and glowing on her father’s proud strong arm.

Many tears of joy were shed and many smiles and kisses of happy years to come.

We gave all the guests a message in a bottle and asked those that were married to recall their wedding day and how they felt and what they remembered.  We asked them to write a love letter to their spouse and give it to them over this past weekend.

Romance seems to be in short supply these days.  I encourage you and your special someone to reignite that passion and romance in your own lives today.  Turn off the world and enter the blissful world of passion and romance.  I promise you won’t miss a thing!