Mirror, Mirror On The Wall….

We all remember this phrase from the Disney movie, Snow White.

This morning you looked into a mirror to wash your face, brush your teeth, style your hair, apply makeup, and to to the once over before you rushed out the door; but who did you see there?

The mirror is your reality.

Your real reality.

Our skin doesn’t lie,  nor do those dark circles or bags under our eyes.

Stick your tongue out, is it coated, what about those gums and teeth?

All of these are signs, that when read by a professional tell a story of the real you.

When you run the brush through you hair, what happens?  Is it crunchy and dry and lots of hair is pulled out in the teeth of the brush?

You hair is a sign of good health.

What about your lovely skin?

Is it itchy or soft and supple?

Is it smooth or beginning to show age spots?  Look closely those aren’t freckles any more.  You skin is also an indicator of what is going on inside of you.

Have you stopped living and doing fun things?

Are you just jumping from one thing to another and if I ask you to recount something that happened two weeks ago you draw a blank?

What was the best thing about your vacation last year?

Drawing a blank?

You are not at all unusual.

We are all prematurely aging ourselves and sucking the life right out of our bodies and we are voluntarily choosing to do so.

Oh….yes….we tell a great story, but what we are doing is weaving a tale that we can live with and in so doing we make it our reality.

I call these are agreements with ourselves so we can stomach that which we have no desire or interest in doing.

Here is an exercise for you right now:  What is the most important part of your life?

Here are the areas of life which most of us have and dwell in:

Personal Environment (Home)

Giving Back




Growth Opportunities (Spiritual, Personal, & Professional)



Relationships (Intimate, Social, Professional and Friends)



Professional Life/Career
Okay, so which one of these rises to the top?   One of these will stick out, bother you, worry you, that kind of thing.   Which one?

Now, think about how you will answer this question:  What’s going on in this area of your life right now?

Your answer is “Your Story”, your agreement with yourself about how your feel, deal with and live in this area of your life.

When you look in the mirror you see something entirely different.

What are your thoughts?



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