Mirror Image

What happens when we look into the mirror?  Well depending on what time of day you look into the mirror the reflection may be different.  First thing in the morning we may be shocked at our "bed hair".  Later after we shower we are the "wet head look".  As we do a final look see on our way out the door we may be thinking….lookin mighty fine and together…..

What happens when we come through the door at the end of the day?  Let’s say it’s now bedtime and you are brushing you teeth and you glance up into that bathroom mirror, wow, it was a rough day, I look and feel exhausted.  Can you identify?  I now you sure can!

What happens when we turn that mirror and look at our businesses, our careers or our families?  What would we see there?  Would we be pointing at the mirror and snapping our finger and saying: "…lookin mighty fine…."  or would we be saying:  "…boy I need to get the gray out of my hair, I am looking tired and old…"? 

I am a big fan of planning and evaluating my plan over and over again.  It is like refining until you get exactly what you have been striving for.  I know what I want and I know the steps to get there and life has to be lived, so there will be adjustments which will need to be made.

How often do you evaluate and adjust?  If you have ever played in an intramural sports league as an adult, your team will have to adjust when one of the members is out of town and that position must be covered.  Right?  What does the team coach do?  He evaluates and reassigns positions or brings someone in from the bench or maybe your team will have to forfeit this week.  Our lives, and businesses and careers are no different than the intramural team. 

This process need not be an alarm to be set to put you on overload.  No not at all.  Just take an honest look at the areas of your life.  Are you where you want to be in each area?  Perhaps there is certain area which has been neglected for some time.  If that is the case and you have done only enough to just get by, take a good hard look at that area.  What is just one thing that you can do to improve the quality of that area of your career, life or relationship?

Hey, what would happen if you just put that one thing on your calendar and did it this week?  I bet you that if you do that one thing, that the next time you look in the mirror you will see a different reflection.