Merry Christmas

Today is that one day in the year when little ones squeal with delight and even some very big ones!  It is that moment when there seems to be stillness around your home.  I know that these things sound idyllic and perhaps in our own minds that the way we envision what we would like to see. 

Throughout our lives we grow through seasons.  These seasons are sometimes hard in the transitional years and I’d like to talk to you about those transitions.

From couple to parent:   This is one of the most trying times because now you have at least three sets of “traditional fulfillment’s” that came at the moment you said “I Do”.   May I suggest that you be bold and from the “I Do” state what you are going to do.  Knowing that any decision will not please at least two sets of people.  It is important to set this boundary from the beginning.

From Parent to College aged – Empty Nester’s:   Here is another tough time for those who have grown children who are moving into their own lives and want to have a different experience other than being a home with parents.  A home which was once bursting at the seams with people coming and going and massive amounts of food being prepared, can be a real shocker for those who suddenly find themselves as two or one.  This is the perfect opportunity to start your own new tradition and do the things that thrill and excite you.

From Empty Nester to widow or widower:  There is no good time for a loved one to die.  We all know that we all will die and yet we are seldom prepared to face all those special days throughout the year that we have shared with others we love.  Emotion is good and remembering is good during these special days.  Give a gift that your loved one would have loved to receive and donate that to someone in need.  May I encourage you to do something with your grief and put that energy to helping another.  It doesn’t have to be big, it will make you feel so good inside.

Celebrating alone:  You can indulge in a huge pity party if you want to, however, it will only continue your negative spirit and your own default mode will play out just as it does every year.  You can be BOLD and start a whole new tradition by doing something you would never do in a million years.  Here are some suggestions:  Play in the snow like a kid.  I mean the snow angels, snow ice cream, walking under a tree laden with snow and stand under it and shake it, how about getting a sled or saucer and scream your head off as you fly down a hill in a nearby park.  Take some hot chocolate and a candy cane and a can of whipped cream to the outdoors and have a ball!  You could go someplace warm and lay on the beach on Christmas of New Year’s Day and just bask in the sun.  Have you ever been to a church and sung Handel’s Messiah with a thousand other people?   If you are a song bird this is a thrill that will keep you smiling all year long.  You can volunteer to wrap packages if you like to do that.  You could also work in with any charity in your area, they always need help.  You can serve food at a shelter.  You can help deliver items to others who are shut ins.  I bet there are people in your own neighborhood who would love to have a meal, or cookies or you could invite another single to your home for a meal and memories.  Call someone who is dear to you and mend the fence, you will feel so much lighter.

From my heart to yours…..Merry Christmas!