Mental Health – Yours!

We are in the dog days of summer and I am wondering what is the status of your “Mental Health”.   I’m not talking about something actually being mentally wrong with your thinking or chemistry, but rather your process for doing things.   So how is it?

I have been doing some exploration around this topic and I have found that most of us (very informal survey) actually do not have any idea what we do or even if we do have a process for making decisions, viewing and interpreting life, a news report, a book we have read or even an email.

A “Mental Health” check in order this month for the sake of all of your future decisions.

When I was in coaching school we learned all about these certain areas in our lives and how life falls into each of these areas.  Once I graduated from coaching school and got out in the real world to coach people, I tweaked my segmentation of these areas of life. 

For our purposes we will call them:  1.  Career, 2.  Family/Parenting, 3.  Finance, 4.  Fun, 5.  Health, 6.  Home/Personal Space, 7. Personal Growth and 8.  Professional Growth. 

These 8 areas sit on top of 4 “Corner Stones” that make up you personal life foundation.  The 4 are:  1.  Mental Corner Stone, 2.  Physical Corner Stone, 3.  Relational Corner Stone, and 4.  Spiritual Corner Stone.

Each of these 12 very specific items makes up your core foundation from which you base your entire life.

I would like for you to just think about that for a couple of days.  We will explore more next time.