Mental Health Check – Family/Parenting

Here we are again with another one of our “Mental Health Checks” in the area of Family/Parenting.  You are an intelligent woman who is juggling a career, a family, a home, a marriage or not, bills, life, crises and everything else that is thrown at you.  In fact the NBL would love to have you in the outfield! 

Let’s take a look at how your own Mental Health is concerning this area of your life which is your “Family & Parenting”.  Even if you are single you are your own little family.  If you have children then you are in the throws of “Parenting” and believe me it doesn’t stop just because the kids have moved out of your home.

So what’s your assessment of your own state of mind concerning your family and parenting?

I once saw an interview with a very famous CEO and he said what he did was to as his family how he was doing.  I thought that was brilliant and very risky, especially on national TV.  I do not believe it was staged based on the feedback he got.

So are you willing to take a big risk here and ask your family how you are doing?  What’s the worst thing they might say?  So what?  If they tell you that you are the greatest parent in the world and you know that is not true then you have accomplished nothing. 

Ask this:  “Where can I improve my parenting skills with you?”  “In what area do you wish I would ________________________(let them fill in the blank)?”  What about this:  “If you could spend a whole entire weekend with me by yourself, what would you like us to do?”  “How can I support you in your ___________________ life, (you fill in the area of life where you think they may be struggling).

I have also found that knowing “how much”, “how many times” and the quantity is a very important thing to ask.  You may feel like you “lavish” attention and time on a child and he does not.  You may feel that you never say two words to your teenager and she may be just fine with that.  It helps to ask.

So how did you do?