Memorial Day 2011

What did you do today to pay honor, to say thank you to those who have served, fought and died for the freedom you are enjoying today?

Did you ignore those white haired gentlemen with the red poppies at the grocery store and rush past never stopping to even say “Thank you”?

I have bee fortunate enough to be a military kid and the daughter of someone who served our country for more than 25+ years in the service of keeping you and me and all those who come after us free.

I have a nephew who felt lead and indeed called to join the military and is still serving and proud to do so.

When I began my own search for my roots back past known memory, I too came across many interesting things in my own family’s past that shouted:   “….we are proud to be free… care….we joined…..we died……..”

This is not just another day off and a great day for shopping sales.  It is a day that you need to be teaching your children about and talking about.   There are thousands of families out there who are in need and could use some relief of any kind while their loved ones serve us overseas.

Who will you honor today?

Who will you say “Thank You” to?