Melt-Down for Women-In-Business

The other day, I was reading an article about our nation’s economic “melt-down” and I made a connection.  See if you make the same connection I did.

If there is a “Melt-Down” in the US Economy, is there also a “Melt-Down” in your own life, relationship or business?  It is a fair question.

Where are your eyes going in the “solution-search”?  Are your eyes looking for someone else to  blame this “Melt-Down” on?

Are you eyes looking for solutions outside of you and your own life?

Do you really need somone else to tellyou and to show you specifically and exactly how you got to your own personal melt-down?

The answer is of course NO.  You do know exactly how you landed right where you are at this very moment.  You do know all of the answers to these questions. 

Ask yourself:  How have my own decisions put me right here in this mess right now?

How long have I been living outside of my income in order to satisfy my “wants”?

Can I honestly say I am using my hard earned money wisely to ove my life to a future of financial security?

Is mylife’s purpose and focus on getting stuff I want or something else like “peace of mind”.

Do you have any idea how to do that?