Measuring Life

I would like to ask you a very important question about how you “Measure” your life.  I probably need to explain what I mean by measuring your life here.

When we get out of bed each morning we immediately go on “Auto Pilot”.  Our routine kicks in and we essentially go through the motions of daily living.  Yes, there are days when our children wake up ill, we have a flat tire or some other normal thing happens which we usually perceive  as ruining our day.  I’m talking about “elevating” ones self to a place of “EXPERT” in every facet of life and business.

Many years ago I learned that to be an expert in any field we need to have on an average of 5 years of experience in constant exposure to some topic or activity in order to become an expert.

So what are you an expert in?  No, not opinionated in, expert in.   No, not dead set against something, expert in.

Have you made yourself the sole measure of things in life?

Are you measuring everyone and everything in your life against who you are and what you do?

This is a very dangerous place to be.

You probably know someone like this and you most likely hate them.

Hold up that mirror to your own face and see if that same person you dislike so much is reflected back.

What can you do to step back and down off of this judging platform you have elevated yourself to?

Acknowledge that you do not have all the answers.  What you do have are words that come out like this:  “… has been my experience in the past that………”

Acknowledge that you do not have the solutions.  What you do have are these:  “…….in my line of work, I see this day in and day out…..”  or “….in my work in the……..this is how I (or we) handle this situation………”

Do you hear how different those statements are than pontificating your wisdom or lack of wisdom on those who interact with you?

Today, change just one of your own “sole measuring”  statements and see what a different response you get.